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Emphasis on Developing Local Capacity

World Education Egypt is committed to strengthening the capacity of local governmental and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), and promoting effective working relationships between these institutional entities and community and private sector representatives.

World Education capacity building Egypt

World Education recognizes that it is critical to balance its technical expertise with organizational capacity building of both governmental and nongovernmental institutions. Effective organizational capacity building provides the foundation for transferring skills and knowledge to local partners so that they can sustain and expand essential interventions at the end of the project period.

While World Education’s well-recognized capacity building model is tailored to the needs of each partner, the basic components of the model focus on improving:

  • Training of trainers: with special emphasis on participatory training methodologies and their application to mobilizing communities and the private sector to:
    • strengthen local institutions,
    • support school-to-work education and training, and
    • encourage nonformal integrated literacy and life skills activities.

  • Self-governance: roles and responsibilities of boards and members, leadership development, democratic practices and principles of internal governance for local institutions

  • Organizational and program development: structural and mechanical elements of governance and execution of organizational and program management including mission statement, strategic and activity planning including documents, records and reports, and resource mobilization including identification of community resources and assets

  • Self-management: basic financial management procedures such as record keeping and accounts management

World Education Egypt initiatives are currently delivered through the following USAID-funded project:

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