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World Education is dedicated to improving the lives of the poor through education, and economic and social development programs.
World Education Egypt GILO

World Education, Inc. began working in Egypt in 1997 to increase the capacity of local institutions to improve the social and economic conditions of poor Egyptians, primarily women. Since then, World Education Egypt has implemented strong programs in economic development, environmental health and sanitation education, reproductive health (RH), integrated literacy, community support for education, and school governance and management, with special emphasis on supporting girls’ and women’s empowerment, participation, and leadership in all areas.

World Education Egypt has contributed most notably to improvements in women’s literacy and community and parental support for education through the strengthening and expansion of educational governance first through Parent Teacher Associations, and later through mobilization of effective school Boards of Trustees (BOTs). World Education Egypt also assists the Ministry of Education in strengthening institutional capacity in policy planning, monitoring and evaluation, and Education Management Information System (EMIS) development, specifically with designing and developing national education indicators (NEI), creating a NEI technical guide and Condition of Education in Egypt (NEI report). To ensure success and sustainability of its programs, World Education Egypt also works closely with the Authority for Adult Education (AEA) and other Egyptian government authorities, as well as local nongovernmental organizations and community organizations.

Today, World Education Egypt continues to strengthen its existing programs, and explores additional opportunities with the potential to build upon its global expertise in food security, water and sanitation, child labor and trafficking, and youth employment.

World Education Egypt is a field office of World Education, Inc., a nonprofit organization based in Boston, Massachusetts. For more information about World Education's programs around the world, please go to the World Education's website: www.worlded.org.


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